We help brands reach new communicative heights, whatever the channel, online and offline. We think strategically, pinpoint the big idea, engage our creative foresight, have an entrepreneurial mindset and strive for equal partnerships.

Sales and activation campaigns

More and more consumers are switching providers and hunting for bargains. Brand loyalty is diminishing. That’s why reaching out to target groups in a way that is surprising, intriguing and unusual is now so important, in everyday situations as well as in unexpected locations. Whether in the form of a conventional sales promotion or a guerrilla action, brands need to tell a story that stands out amidst the jungle of bargains. We stage campaigns that surprise people and bring them into contact with our clients in an appealing manner.

Web development

From simple landing pages to microsites with gamification and detailed company websites, we’ll support you every step of the way, from planning to going live. In the first phase, we work with you to clarify and define your requirements. From these, we develop the brief, which then serves as the basis for your website. Afterwards, we create the site map, screen design and content, and set about programming.

Content Marketing & Publishing

The bait must appeal to the fish – a key challenge that is often underestimated. If you want to stand out comfortably in a world of constant overstimulation, you have to identify your target group and its interests. That’s why it’s important to create relevant content and distribute it in a targeted fashion. Only then will the fish take the bait, stay on the hook and become a profitable customer. We provide support from the development of an editorial concept to a targeted content plan. We can also take care of distribution via the relevant channels, whether that’s blog articles, white papers, video or native advertising.

Public & Media Relations

Good brands tell good stories which elicit positive emotions. The brand then sticks in the target audience’s memory and stands out from the competition. Public relations campaigns are more appropriate for this than obvious adverts as they have greater credibility. But if PR is seen as nothing more than media work, only a limited amount of its potential will be unlocked. Do you want to reach the free news sector, blogs or even the features section of all online and offline media outlets? In addition to having the right contacts, compelling content and impactful stories are a must. We run the gamut of media from print to blog, TV to YouTube and personal lobbying to social media. And we know exactly how and where to best showcase your messages.

Integrated campaigns

Active brands should be marketed in a media-friendly manner, so each individual message needs to be finely orchestrated, harmonised and synchronised. But which advertising media and channels are most suitable? What can be communicated, where and how? And in what sequence? We find answers to all of these questions. From online campaigns to ads, mailshots to commercials and social media to guerrilla actions, we produce and adapt all potential manifestations, regardless of channel, fine tune them to each other and arrange them into an integrated campaign.

Customer Targeting & Acquisition

In the saturated markets of an oversaturated society, you need to stand out so as not to fade away. If you want to win new customers, you need to break them away from your competitors and dramatise customer benefits effectively. This is one of our key strengths. Together with our network of specialists, we segment and select audiences with precision. We create personas and obtain the correct addresses for low wastage. “Creative use of data” is second nature to us. We use targeting and lookalikes, ensuring that you reach your chosen companies and audience online and offline.  

Customer Experience

More than 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce – and customers too are showing less and less brand loyalty. Prevent this by creating a unique customer experience. Fans of your brand don’t just increase turnover: they’re also happy to make recommendations to others. We analyse the customer journey, filter out the various touchpoints and create wow points that bond your customers to your brand over the long term. We also develop loyalty programmes extending beyond the usual e-newsletters, Christmas cards and birthday cards.

Data-driven dialogue marketing

Do you want communications tailored to your customers, offering them the products or services that interest them? To do this, you need to know exactly who your customers are. Working with profilers, we analyse customer addresses and identify common features, which we then use to create fictional users of a target group, known as personas. Along the customer journeys, we produce relevant content tailored to these personas, thus creating a brand experience. With this specially developed model, we help you improve your customer relationships and increase loyalty to your brand.

Online-Marketing & Social Media

For years, social networks have been gaining in importance. Depending on the channel, they are increasingly being embraced by seniors too. This form of advertising is therefore becoming an increasingly essential component of B2B marketing, as nobody knows more about potential customers and their behaviour than big players like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. The online community can be linked up cross-channel, integrated and used to interact with customers. We support you from the conception and development of your campaign to its implementation for specific target groups.

Corporate Education & Corporate Employer Branding

The ‘Battle for Talent’ is in full flow. If you want to win new talent and retain it, you need to spark the same enthusiasm in your employees as in your customers. This is one of the most difficult tasks – and also one of the most important. A company is only as strong as the sum of its people. Since 1999, we’ve been developing tailored concepts to make our clients more attractive to their teams and the best talent on the market.


B2B marketing has long been viewed as the Paralympics of advertising. Sales relevance, competitive differentiation and the impact of brands have been underestimated. Adverts for capital goods or services must also surprise and inspire. Faced with increased overload and less differentiation between products, cold calling or bland copy no longer cuts it. At the same time, it’s important to capitalise on the opportunities of marketing 4.0. We know how it operates, as we’ve been one of the leading B2B agencies in the DACH region for years now.

Fundraising strategy and donor marketing

Do you want to turn donors into repeat or large donors, encourage active recommendations or win back donors who have jumped ship? We can help you analyse your donor data and tailor customer dialogue to your desired target audience with automated touchpoints, call-to-action triggers and inspiring wow points. Good stories well told are all part of that. In short, we’re happy to help you set up and implement a successful fundraising or donation campaign.

Brand and marketing strategy

We help you lay the foundations of a brand, communication or dialogue strategy through analysis, enquiry, differentiation, positioning, clustering, planning and creation. On this basis, we develop stories for attractive, distinctive brands and, naturally, will also help you implement the strategy.