Fair opportunities thanks to clean drinking water

Since 1955, Helvetas has been working to help the world’s poorest countries help themselves, especially in rural regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, but also Eastern Europe. In Bangladesh, the destruction of the ecosystem and climate change is leading to more and more flooding. As a result, drinking water reservoirs and agricultural land are becoming salinized. Crop failures, disease, hunger and poverty are the result. In order to draw attention to the situation of the affected people in Bangladesh, Helvetas commissioned us to develop and implement an unaddressed donation mailing for German-speaking Switzerland with a circulation of 100,000 copies. The appeal for donations in January 2023 focused on the drinking water issue in Bangladesh. When the letter was pulled out, the recipients were made aware that clean drinking water is still not a matter of course in many parts of the world by transforming dirty water into clear water.


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