Customer access digitized

The Olma is to the people of St. Gallen what the Fasnacht is to the people of Basel and the Zibelemärit to the people of Bern. But the Olma Messen St. Gallen also offers eastern Switzerland the most important gathering place far beyond its legendary autumn fair. Trade fairs, congresses and cultural events attract around 800,000 people to the grounds every year. Despite this proud number, the company has been confronted with major challenges – even before the first Corona lockdown. These include, in particular, the digitalization of communication, as Olma Messen know little about the 800,000 visitors. Therefore, in 2018, they initiated a project with us to motivate guests to provide their data – and permission to send them individually relevant information. Olma Messen wants to be able to use the data correctly, confidentially, but also creatively. In future, for example, an exhibitor could book some “hot leads” in addition to his stand space and the associated technology. To achieve this, we created a platform called “Lola”, which forms the technical and content backbone for visitor data and online content. Lola was introduced step by step with various analogue and digital measures online and offline. Initial measures shortly before the outbreak of the Covid pandemic have already been able to persuade a five-digit number of visitors to register.

Olma Messen

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