Digitalization with passion

More than a decade ago, we developed the Akapedia platform for the “Academy” in St. Gallen, an early idea of e-learning. We summarized the brand’s benefit bracket in the claim “more knowledge guaranteed”. Visually, we underlined the whole thing with the claim on a Post-it, which was placed everywhere. This element became an unmistakable trademark far beyond the region and now had to be transferred to the digital age without losing its character. So we replaced the Post-it with an equivalent digital sign, or more precisely: with the chat icon, which is strong in dialog. In addition, we replaced the motto “guaranteed additional knowledge”, which had become a matter of course on the Internet, with the extraordinary passion of the lecturers while retaining the quality promise of the continuing education institute. We transported the visuality of the brand into the digital age with small, exciting image stories. In doing so, we created different, extraordinary key visuals for all educational areas. Furthermore, we conceived and designed a completely new website.

Akademie St.Gallen

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