Ice hockey in your living room

ELCO, the Swiss market leader for heating systems, sponsors all the field hockey referees in the country who are curving around on the ice and is thus involved – in all leagues – as “Official Partner Referees Swiss Ice Hockey”. A great idea, but then came Covid – empty stands in the stadiums and game cancellations altogether. Nevertheless, we wanted to attract the attention of field hockey fans, so we developed an online game that brings the popular game on the ice into our audience’s living room.

The game is easy to play at home or on the go. The goal is to get 15 shots on goal in a row and, if possible, turn them into hits. After a certain number of shots, the ice can be melted by an ELCO heat pump booster, increasing accuracy. Top scorers can win attractive prizes, such as a VIP invitation to an international match of the men’s A national team – and ELCO gains valuable data about potential customers by means of a small query when checking into the game.

We developed and coded the game with our sister company Flightcode in Switzerland.


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