Insurance makes the earth shake

Around 500 to 800 earthquakes occur in Switzerland every year. Most of them are superweak and hardly noticeable. But there is a latent danger that we will also be shaken to the core. It could then become serious for homeowners because very few of them know that an earthquake is not considered a natural hazard in Switzerland. As a result, insurance companies do not cover any damage. Helvetia, therefore, offers its customers the right all-round protection. This also applies to other events such as a serious accident or a chronic illness – in short, to all cases that could “really shake people up” financially. To raise awareness of such risks, we developed a dialog marketing campaign. This was also a door re-opener for insurance advisors with regard to advisory meetings. Anyone who wanted to decipher the mailing letter, the central element of the campaign, had to shake it at strength six to seven on the Richter scale. Otherwise, the text was only blurry. The mailing urged the recipient to minimize financial risk and to analyze and discuss the pension situation together with Helvetia.

Helvetia Versicherung

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