Playful on the digital channels

ELCO is the Swiss market leader for heating systems, with more than 300,000 systems installed. The company knows the addresses of all the properties in which its heating systems are installed and the names of the people who live there. However, it often lacks an e-mail address to communicate with customers more quickly, frequently, and cost-effectively by digital means. We developed an e-shift tool for the heating manufacturer to collect as many e-mail addresses as possible and obtain permission to communicate. To do this, we created a direct mailing with the look and feel of the legendary gambling city of Las Vegas. The pop-up mailing contained a ticket with a personalized gambler’s number and the invitation to register with it on to participate in the draw for attractive prizes. Those who complied with the invitation were personally welcomed to the platform and could add the data they wanted to reveal to ELCO in the pre-filled digital form. The campaign struck a chord with customers and exceeded expectations.


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