Power for new charging solutions

Since 1963, the AGROLA brand has stood exclusively for fossil fuels. This is about to change because AGROLA has also been active in the market for charging solutions for quite some time, not only at fueling stations but now also for private and commercial buildings. The special competence of AGROLA is the complex engineering and the equipment or retrofitting of multi-family houses and commercial properties with charging solutions.

We developed the microsite www.ladeloesungen.ch for this extremely competitive market. It forms the main point of contact with a clever triage function and an online price calculator. Due to the different stakeholders involved in the evaluation, especially in the retrofitting of apartment buildings in condominium ownership, the topic is quite complicated and complex. On the easy-to-use tool, real estate professionals, property managers, condominium owners and tenants are individually guided through the evaluation process. With just a few details, www.ladeloesungen.ch can elicit a guide price for the desired charging stations. This makes it surprisingly easy and convenient for real estate professionals and property managers to get an initial overview of the options and costs for their customers’ diverse wishes.


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