Only the flat-sharing dog stays

The local design furniture shop Domus wanted to make its new location accessible to a young urban audience without cannibalizing the main shop a few hundred meters away. We found a group of young men sharing a flat next to the new shop serving all the clichés. The three residents regularly stir up the St. Gallen party scene, and all have a large online social network. So without further ado, we completely cleared out the flat and furnished it with design furniture from Domus. We put a price tag on all the furniture – even the bathroom cabinet and the dog. Shortly afterwards, the three residents threw one of their legendary home parties and invited their entire followers. The party lasted a whole weekend. Not only were there tours of the house down to the new Domus shop, but all the guests were able to buy the pieces of furniture they liked right away and take them with them – which many did.


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