Brand message academically digitalized

The Akademie St. Gallen is a cantonal educational institute in the field of further education in commercial and business management for adults. With over 1300 students and more than 350 lecturers, they are one of the leading educational providers in eastern Switzerland. About a decade ago, we had the opportunity to develop an independent brand identity for the academy. Now it was time to make communication more digital and contemporary without removing its previous characteristics. So we updated the core message and replaced the “guaranteed additional knowledge” with the “extraordinary passion of the lecturers” to pass on their expertise to young adults. Instead of using post-its – predominantly in the analog environment – this message is now communicated digitally through chat speech bubbles. This gives the brand a digitally communicable face and tells small, humorous image stories. We designed different key visuals for all training areas, as seen on the website we created as well.

Akademie St.Gallen

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