Safe roads with “Vision Zero”

We live in a fascinating (auto) mobile society. But nearly unlimited mobility also has its downsides. Not a day goes by without people being seriously injured or even killed in traffic. Since 1929, a total of 21,969 road users have died in Switzerland. No more deaths and severe injuries on Swiss roads – this is the goal of Continental’s “Vision Zero” movement. Technically, the company is already making a major contribution to this with their tiers. But the biggest danger and risk factor on roads is still the human being. This is exactly where Continental comes in with “Vision Zero.” The company wants to raise awareness and train road users. That is why, together with us, they launched a movement that fights for “zero” road fatalities. As a single point of contact, we initially designed a platform. The 360° communication campaign to promote the “Vision Zero” platform and movement took place at the Conti Group’s POS (digital and analogue) as well as in the TCS traffic safety centres.


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