The real heroes

Every day, people from all over the world work for DPD to ensure that parcels are reliably collected and delivered. Without their tireless efforts, logistics in Switzerland would probably collapse. The situation is similar in the Swiss national football team: there are hardly any “real” Swiss people – most have a migration background. Only, in contrast to the parcel delivery men, the footballers are celebrated as superstars – regardless of their origin. We took on the task of increasing the low esteem in which parcel delivery staff are held by customers and positioning DPD – after various scandals involving exploited delivery staff – as a fair parcel service provider. We developed a campaign in which the parcel carriers, the company’s most important service providers, play the leading role. With an initiative directed both internally and externally, we compared the performance of individual footballers with a migration background with that of DPD parcel carriers from the same country.


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