Smashed window envelopes

It was becoming increasingly difficult for the insurer’s field staff to get appointments at SMEs. Therefore, the idea to stage a potential danger against which one can insure oneself came up.Anyone whose business has been attacked by burglars has not only an uneasy feeling but also a lot of other trouble on their hands. Often the entire business is paralyzed. The police are in the house, and the clean-up work is costly. Helvetia Insurance offers an absolutely carefree package for this, and we designed a non-criminal door-opener mailing for it, which the insurer sent out. Afterwards, they followed up by phone. However, the whole thing did not go off without a break-in, as the address window of the envelope had been smashed. Anyone who opened the mailing found a letter with window splinters inside, inviting them to seek preventive advice from Helvetia Insurance.

Helvetia Versicherungen

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