Woldpremiere: Fondue Games

The world cup 2022 happened in the desert of Qatar. Due to the hot temperatures, it had to be in Winter. Meanwhile, it was bitterly cold in Switzerland, so parties and public viewing outdoors were out of the question. Somewhat unfavorable, but a good opportunity for a customer loyalty measure in our creative agency. Us Swiss are known for our inventive spirit. So we invented the world’s first Fondue Games. During the 30 days of the World Cup, we transformed our conference room and invited our clients and partners to watch football and party. The invitation mailing consisted of a fondue fork with a miniature football player. On a landing page, guests could register for one of the games and thus secure a place at the caquelon. The whole confirmation procedure ran via e-mail and personal WhatsApp message. A betting game was also included. After a World Cup month rich in soccer and cheese, every guest and “fellow eater” received a personal Panini album.

Agentur am Flughafen

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