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Portrait von Andrin Zürcher (Junior Consultant)
Portrait (bewegt) von Andrin Zürcher – Junior Consultant
Junior consultant

Andrin Zürcher

Having grown up in the beautiful canton of Thurgau, his curiosity and ambition drove him upwards - all the way to the top, to the University of St. Gallen (HSG) at Rosenberg. After completing his bachelor's degree, he checked in at the airport agency in 2023. Alongside his advisory role at our agency, he is also pursuing his Master's in Marketing Management, effectively combining theory with practice. As a marketer, he commands all 4Ps. Yet, that's not enough for him: as a certified bartender, he is acquainted with countless Ps such as Pina Colada, Pornstar Martini, Paloma, Paper Plane, Penicillin, Planters Punch, Pink Lady, Painkiller, Paradise, Peach Bellini, and many more.

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